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A Very Touchfaster Response to "Don't Support the Scene"

Yesterday I was poking around online while sipping on my morning coffee. I came across an article on the blog of Walk of Shame front man "Spiffy" Sean Styles called Politics without the Crazy Pills. The article was titled "Don't Support the Scene" and it got me pretty fired up. So much so that it prompted me to write a response to it which is generally not my style.

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If you have been to shows at The Rex Theater in the past then chances are you are familiar with Ms. Amanda Faye, her infectious smile, and the ridiculously amazing stuff that she can do with a hoop. Well, her and a few of her cohorts will be providing just one more creative outlet to knock our socks off this year at Winter WUNDERGROUND. Find out what keeps this hoopin' mama moving...


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This is not the first time that we've interviewed Diego as he has been a part of many a Touchfaster production, including his most recent role as band director in our October Production of Michael Jackson's "Thriller". So really, what can we say that has not already been said other than this guy is the real deal so takes notes kids...

Touchfaster: You've done this before but start off by giving us a brief summary of your background...as a reminder.

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Thriller Tribute Show: A Review

It was a great event all around. I'll let the content speak for itself. Here's a collection of photos, video, articles, etc. covering the event.


The music video of the last tribute show that revealed, at the end, that we had chose Thriller as our next concept.


All of the video interviews of the cast.

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Winter WUNDERGROUND Artist: Tyler Rahl

Tyler Rahl is the second part of the collaborative duo with Ashley Bouton. Both Indiana natives are making the trek down to Pittsburgh to show us what they've got. Personally I couldn't be more excited to have them. Check out Tyler's work and find out what makes him tick....

Touchfaster: How old were you when you became interested in art. What got you started?

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Winter WUNDERGROUND Artist: Ashley Bouton

When planning first began for the Winter WUNDERGROUND party I got a phone call from Sean Howard saying that he met these two students that were working on a series together. He said that these artists, named Ashley Bouton and Tyler Rahl, would make a great addition to the show. The last time Sean sent someone to me it was Morgan Mikula. Morgan has since become a good friend, studio mate, and a part of nearly every Touchfaster event. Needless to say I trust Sean's opinion and when I saw their work I knew that instinct was dead on.

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Winter WUNDERGROUND Artist: Casey Worthing

Winter WUNDERGROUND is chalk full of amazing talent and we would like for you to get to know these local superheroes a little better. So, we sent each of the artists a set of questions starting with Mr. Casey Worthing. Like a few other artists in the show, we became associated with Casey through the RAW: Pittsburgh showcases. He came highly recommended from the RAW crew and we take their suggestions pretty seriously. Needless to say, we checked out his work and loved it.

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Get to Know the Ruckus Bros.: Brando Martini

Thriller, Touchfaster, Michael Jackson, The Ruckus Bros., Mr.Smalls Theater, interview, Pittsburgh, Music

Brandon Martin, aka Brando Martini, is the Producer of Thriller: A Tribute Show. Here is what he had to say...

Touchfaster:  How old were you when you started playing music. What got you started?

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Elementals: Collaborative Works by Matt Hunter & Gabrielle Fischer

If you have ever been to a Touchfaster event then you have heard the names Matt Hunter and Gabrielle Fischer. I make no secret that I am a huge fan of them as artists and as people but this goes way beyond any sort of personal bias. They are insanely talented and just all around incredible people. This September, the unstoppable duo are back at it with a collaborative show that is going to be something really special. Held at Gallery 4, the show is opening on September 7th and will stay up through the month till September 28th.

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Get to Know a SOLSTICE Artist: Liz Dabecco

A little more than a month ago, we had one of the original 2013 Summer SOLSTICE artists drop out. This is not uncommon because, lets be real, when dealing with 20+ creative types this sort of thing tends to occasionally happen. Still, I was disappointed, not with the individual artist, but, with the fact that we were down an artist. I went back to the drawing board to fill the spot, and then, the stars aligned (or I got a phone call from Morgan Mikula). Morgan said she had a friend who did really great work and was interested in showing. Enter Liz Dabecco.


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